The harbour

Maps of I.I.M. (Hydrographic Institute of the Navy): n.915,11
Pilot P4: page 178
List of lighthouses: page 81

Marina di Pisciotta
40°06’,09 N 15°13’,71 E

The port of Marina di Pisciotta is defended by an outer breakwater elbow quay and internally by a breakwater pier from which departs another inside pier of about 80 m. Two slipways are located near the roots of the piers.
Arrival times: during the day and with good visibility

Access: maintain the straight (draft max allowed 2 m)
Headlights and taillights: 2667,5 (E1739.85), red flashing light, period four seconds on the end of the outer breakwater pier obscured from (118° to 161°);2667.6 (E 1739.85), beacon steady green light, 2 vertical end of the pier
Seafloor: sand and rock
Seabed: near the quay from 0.50 to 1.30 m; in the port from 1 to 1.30 m.
Radio: VHF channel 16
Berths: 300, maximum length 10 m
Prohibitions: mooring at the untested piers, fishing and bathing in the port
Winds: III quadrant, prevailing scirocco
Behind: North
Nearest safe harbor: Palinuro with scirocco wind and libeccio (jugo)

Areas reserved to pleasure crafts:

First arm of the outer breakwater, brush inner breakwater and area overlooking the shoreline:

Services and equipments:

Fuel supply in tanks from Pisciotta (about 4 km)
Fountain-slide-5 ton mobile crane- night surveillance-wooden boats repair-rubbish collection-toilets at public places, fire service, emergency medical service-food supply-car parking-telephone box.