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LILIC (Learn Italian and Live In Cilento) School of Italian – Go Native by the Sea 

Pisciotta (Pea-shot-tah) on the coast of Campania, is one of the region’s undiscovered highlights. Clinging to a steep hillside, Pisciotta combines a long sandy beach, acres of beautiful olive groves, spectacular views and, balanced precariously above it all, a quaint old town.

One of the pearls of the Cilento (Chee-len-toh) National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Pisciotta and Cilento have been awarded Blue Flag status by the «Foundation for environmental education» for their exceptional pure water, clean coasts, safety and access for all. 

In this unspoiled seaside resort, LILIC offers summer courses in Italian plus a unique opportunity to integrate into the local community. On our courses, as well as high levels of formal language teaching, we have brought in some of the local residents to interact with students, to teach them about our heritage and to make the experience of learning Italian here truly unforgettable. 

When you take part in our Italian language courses, you are discovering a region while learning a language.

Weekly courses are taking place in September in the Library of Pisciotta’s historic Palazzo Marchesale

Download our brochures: LILIC in Italian, LILIC in English, LILIC in French