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Course programme

Our courses are designed for students who already have a basic level of Italian and wish to build upon this foundation. Please test your level here. Beginners will attend specific courses. 

LILIC’s courses combine two approaches:


Two hours in the morning (50 minutes each) in the classroom, following a modern communicative approach. Students are assigned classes according to their knowledge of Italian. Beginners attend a three-hour course of Italian. 

Nb: Absolute beginners (A0) and master level (C1) attend specific courses and/or individual lessons. 

Scattered classroom and Project work

In the afternoon, students will immerse themselves in local culture in a series of workshops. Students interact with representatives of the Cilento communities; local people make a point to reinforce the Italian knowledge of the students. Workshops consist of videos that are prepared by students who interview representatives of the local community and record Cilento’s life-style.

Syllabus Scattered classroom and Project Work

Morning Students are assigned to groups based on the results of their language tests. Each group contains no more than 12 students and is taught by a fully qualified teacher who is a Italian native speaker.

NB: Absolute beginners (A0) and master level (C1) can ask the school’s director for individual lessons.

Afternoon Students make short films aimed at reinforcing their linguistic skills. These videos are focused on daily life in Pisciotta. The most popular topics include:


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Course programme