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How this idea was born

Pisciotta and the Cilento as to decide to buy a flat or a house and to live here for the rest of their life. There are people who return every summer for their holidays. This affects various generations and creates a virtual circle. Having been here as children, they then return as fathers or mothers. When they are grandfathers or grandmothers they still return together with their grandchildren.

To find out the reason for this endless love, we have surveyed our visitors, and here are some of the most frequent replies.....

Pisciotta is timeless, it stays at it is, it never changes, it doesn't follow ephemeral fashions, it doesn't lose its "soul", it's authentic, it represents the Cilento and a way of living in harmony with nature.
Discover Pisciotta and try to catch the territory's peculiarities and show them to those persons who need and desire, in particular, this kind of experience.

We, Alfonso Di Crisci and Linda Veneroso, are the authors of this web site. We have been modelling and developing this idea for about 15 years while living, studying and working in Rome.
Alfonso has specialized in computer science and management of catering services making the most of new technologies in order to promote traditional activities ancient as mankind.

Linda is a work and organization psychologist and deals with the “soft part”, this means human relationships, efficient communication and integration among peoples.