We are here to capture and show you our common or quaint accommodations seducing you with taste...especially with our typical dishes, and then again capture you with our fishing nets, olive nets and let you "simmer" slowly beneath the sun shining around 8 months a year. The rough winter sea will be able to terrorize you but then you will feel cosy in front of a fire place. We want you to discover Pisciotta, the sea and landscape of the Cilento, and we are sure that you are going to love and to hate it so much .... you are going to return.

What we can do for you

Our task i sto let you live our territory as if you had grown up here giving you the opportunity to discover things which hurried visitors will not catch.

We can suggest you "the ways", but it is up to you discovering them.

The ideal accomodation
We personally know all the lodgings in the area. As soon as we find out your needs and you tastes we will find for not just any accomodation, but the perfect one.
Living the sea
Wonderful sea… but it's not just lying down on the beach and be able to grasp all the beauty. Boating and fishing tourism are some of the paths that we can arrange for you to discover ... a lot of things.
Discovering the hinterland and villages
The Cilento's colour is not only blue. At the same its landscape can be rough and wild, hilly and mountainous.
The are rives, foot paths, rare flowers and strange animals, prehistoric caves and small hamlets with a fascinating historical background, drammatically attached to the mountains. There are worldwide famous archaeological sites.
Flavour stops
Take your pick! Surely, we don't want to mingle with the work of specialized guides, but we would only like to let you know where to eat and what we like to eat indicating prices and local customs. We love good eating..and you can see it!
Personalized solutions
There might be the possibility, having surfed various offers and services, that you have not found the solution for your needs.
Our offers
Effectiveness is keeping the equilibrium. When we can, we try to make you save money, and this is why periodically offer packages whit reduced rates. Follow usi f you will catch the chance or join the mailing list, and we will contact you.

Carpe diem

For those who don't like to programme their holidays, for those who have packed all their luggage but have not yet decided the direction, and even for those who like to gamble..... here are our "runaway" offers.

Last minute Giugno

Una settimana a giugno al costo di un week end!


Giugno mese del sole

Costo dell'offerta:  250 euro a settimana, per chi prenota 2 settimane un WE gratuito tra settembre ed ottobre. 


Orlando si concede a Giugno

Costo dell’offerta: nel mese di giugno 250 euro a settimana ed un WE gratuito tra settembre ed ottobre


Km 0 nella Loggetta sui tetti

Costo dell’offerta: 450 euro per il periodo dal 14 al 28 giugno; 250 euro a settimana.


ponte della repubblica

Costo dell'offerta: 75 euro a persona per 4 notti.


Week End a Vela Latina

Appartamenti fino a 6 persone a 140 euro. 


What’s new

Of course, we can’t promise you a bon-fire with guitar music and a bath at midnight beforehand, nor can we explain you everything this territory offers, but we can assure you that we like every bit of it and want you to share it with us.

The importance of creating a web


A web connecting mountains and sea means geophysical, cultural and historical harmony of a territory called Cilento which has neither a capital nor a centre, but boasts an impressive variety of natural and cultural beauty which is going to be or is already of large attraction.

Our intention is to let you discover all of it.

Molto più di quanto si immagina...
molto più vicini di quanto si possa credere