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A network from the mountains to the sea

We believe that the best way to reach our goal is to collect and put in network diversities that characterize the Cilento and, in small, Pisciotta. The stronger and more flexible is the network, it has the ability to "capture" the attention and curiosity of those who, by will or by chance, are to pass in these parts.

Every day we contact and relate all possible and, of course,...available stakeholders: customers, owners of holiday homes, accommodation managers, restaurateurs, owners of travel agencies and tour operators, managers of all those services that aim to welcome and host.

We have not forgotten directors, institutions and public utility services, nor the associations, protagonists of the third sector and common citizens. We asked to share our mission and vision giving them ample visibility on our portal pages. We set ourselves as intermediaries of the needs of the area and those who are attracted (or will be).

A network from the mountains to the sea means harmony of geophysical, cultural and historical differences of a territory, the Cilento, which has no capital nor center, but boasts a myriad of significant natural and cultural beauty ready or starting to walk towards a full and constant development. We want you to discover all of it.