Live the sea

Think about Pisciotta and imagine the colour blue...
Take a walk to the "Acquabianca" , at the end of the Marina, then lie down on the rocks, dive into the sea before melting under the sun. This is real fun. Get a kick out of the icy shower of the spring water coming down from the mountains. Play with your children on the shore or recover them from a cheeky wave. When they move far for surfing you might be a little anxious, ready to go after them. But then you will be surprised that somebody of the locals already fetched your little pest.

In case you need the urban comforts, rent a deck chair and a beach umbrella and do as the lizards do or join a group of beach dancers.

But when you think, let’s say "what shall I do tomorrow", it’s time to go farther. During daytime get your cap on, at night put on your windbreaker because it’s time to go to sea.