Palinuro Cape

Only the image of Palinuro does justice to the beauty of its beaches and the cape, the bays and the caves, the small natural harbour which sheltered skilled Greek sailors arriving here in 400 BC. History of this seafront is much older: Before the arrival of the Greek, the Romans, the Saracens, the Normans and the Aragons, this coast was inhabited by a Paleolithic population. They lived in the many caves and ravines up to Marina di Camerota. In ancient times the 35 nowadays submerged caves were shelter for animals and men.

Today Palinuro is one of the most interesting places for sea speleologist of the whole Mediterranean Sea.

You don’t need underwater equipment to enjoy the sea, but just navigate along the coast, visiting the caves, diving in a little bay and staying overnight there. This is a unique dream... feasible, Palinuro and its mythological coast.

The beaches and the coast