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Local cooking and Mediterranean diet

During the months between May and July Pisciotta's fishermen are restless, and it has always been like this, since leaving behind the clothes of farmers, they went down to the shore becoming fishermen, ready to fish anchovies. From late afternoon till early morning they work with the "menaide", an ancient fishing net used to fish anchovies, according to our tradition. As it isn't possible to have the evening meal at home, the men organize themselves and prepare their snack on board: "fresella" (it's hard bread baked twice). It conserves it self for a long time, and when you eat it, you have to put some water on it. So it gets soft and is ready for use) together with tomatoes, on top you put some genuine olive oil of Pisciotta, a glass of wine, and a freshly caught anchovy salad, a pinch of salt, our oil, our lemons...... if this way of eating isn't genuine, sustainable and exquisitely Mediterranean, then we are not people of the Cilento.